Don’t trust your metal work project to just anyone. Trust someone with years of experience.


Nothing makes us happier than seeing the look of joy on a client’s face once a project is done.



We’ve learned what type of equipment we need on hand to get any job done.


Welcome to GC Welding Services


GC Welding Services does more than simply work with metal – GC Welding Services works in art. After 10 years in the business, GC Welding Services has handled thousands of jobs, from pipeline to repairing heavy equipment and the impliments they use. When it comes to metal work, GC Welding Services has seen almost everything – but we haven’t done it all, which keeps our job interesting.

Customers are always asking us to fabricate unusual projects, and we’re more than happy to oblige. We enjoy the challenge of working with unique ideas that require a creative twist to bring your project to life. Metal fabrication is our business, but what’s more it’s our passion. If you want to bring sturdy beauty to your home or office, then give GC Welding Services a call and we’ll get the project done right.

GC Welding Services specializes in all types of metal fabrication. We handle commercial projects ranging from the installation of gathering, transmission, and distribution pipeline to custom built trailers and smokers. We handle residential projects ranging from the installation and fabrication of fencing to ornamental railing and stairwell supports.

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